Sunday, January 20, 2013

To Market, To Market

Headed out for a Sunday afternoon adventure. I decided to hop in my car and see where I'd end up.  

These trees will be exploding with blossoms in the spring. A few yards behind me, they made a canopy over the street for several miles back. People come from all over Korea to see them when they're in bloom.

Stopped by the side of the road to get a quick photo of this ajumma with her fantastic scarecrow.

This bridge is right at the town of Hwagae, which is about a 25 minute drive from Hadong. I spotted a sign for a marketplace and it looked kind of hoppin', so I decided this would be the stopping point. 

The man in the background was extremely friendly and used what little English he knew to converse with us. Gareth ended up purchasing a really unique brass piece. 

Down the street and left into the market area. 

As passed by this stall, we were invited to sample some rice cakes. Which we did. 

I was pretty mesmerized by the machine that makes them (see video below), although I've been told that some local grocery stores in St. Louis have or had them. Go figure. 

Lots of teas and various dried things for sale. I wouldn't know what to do with 99% of these things if I bought them. I guess I could just sniff them a bit. They smelled nice. 

We bought dried persimmons from this woman. She had lots to say to me (in Korean), although I only understood "delicious," "9,000 won" and "beautiful."

Around the corner we spotted this woman getting her drumming groove on (see video below), which I loved, of course. 
 More dried goodness, most of them for tea.

Korean friends, what are the yellow things?

And...hello, beondegi. I see you hiding in the background. I won't be eating you today.

 I spent a fair amount of time watching this over-the-top bowing mannequin 
and wishing I had one. (see video below)

 More little shops. Ceramics. Trinkets. Woven fabrics. I picked up some placemats.

 We bought some of this to eat, having little idea what was inside. I was hoping for vegetables.

But vegetables don't have eyes.


 We sat under this pavilion to eat (or pick off the batter and nom on that only, in my case). 
A man selling fruit pulled up in his truck and gave us some oranges for free.


These trucks can be found everywhere and most of them advertise their goods with recorded messages loudly piping through speakers. 

I like the tone. "Bah-nah-naaaaaaaaahs. Saaaaaah-gwaaaaaaaah."  (see video to the left)

 I took some time to take in the people, my favorite thing to do.

  Then the unmistakable scent of hoddeok. Hurray! 
These were made with green tea inside. Yum!
The wait in line was worth it.

We enjoyed our snacks while watching this man at work making tools. 
Back to the car. Bellies happy. Spirits soaring.

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