Monday, December 17, 2012

My New Teacher...

First impressions are funny. My first day of teaching 
I thought all Korean girls read dictionaries for fun.

I thought all Korean boys played games before class.
My information was limited. 

On the first day of class, I showed a little "All About Your New Teacher" kind of powerpoint. 
Then I asked students to tell me about, well, me. Their information was limited, but so 
was their English. Here's what I found out about myself, first impression-wise, anyway.

"My new teacher has baby face."
 I'm hoping that means that I look young. Not that I have rolls 
of fat under my chin with this morning's breakfast dried up in there.

"My new teacher likes dogs. She is 43 years old. I think she is old."
 And let's see...yes, I like dogs. And I'm--what? You think I'm what?
Let's play a game called "Guess who's going to fail English this year."

"My new teacher is good english teacher."
Aw. You think I'm a good English 
teacher after only one lesson. You will pass.

"My new teacher is energetic."
"She is little bit weird but fun."
"She is kind."
"She is good person." 
Energetic, weird (but fun), kind, a good person.

"My new teacher likes to high five."
 Liking to high five was not part of my Powerpoint. 
(looks down at hand and remembers multiple high fives)

"My new teacher is not bad."
 Eh. Not bad.

"My new teacher small face."
Like a little shrunken- head face, or what?

"My new teacher is look like gohst."
Now wait a second. I know I'm pale and all...

 Yeah, you love me now.

 "My new teacher like dog   oh!  Me too!"
"My new teacher is little...crazy. But I like it too."
Oh! I like this kid!

"My new teacher loves dog. But I scary dog very hate."
I scary dog very hate, too, kiddo.

"I like to run with Auntie B."
You do? And we've done that together...when?

"My new teacher is pretty."
"My new teacher is beautiful." 
I like you.

"My new teacher is wonder woman."
About damned time a student recognized that. 

"My new teacher can anything."

"My new teacher looks like spokefast."
"My new teacher is strange." 
Why do you build me up, 
Buttercup, just to bring me down?

"Bridget has handsome father."

 Forget the new teacher. Somebody has a crush on Youbin!

 Hi there.

"My new teacher has pretty sister."
 Damn. They're comin' for my whole family.

"My new teacher look like mouse."
"My new teacher look like monkey." 
I have thick skin, you little weasels.

"My teacher is good girl."
A little odd to call me "good girl," but...

"My teacher is funny. My teacher is sexy."
...better than calling your teacher "sexy." To her face.
Time to bust out the ajumma pants and shirts. 
Let's see who's sexy then.

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